Virtual Tour Server Side

(*first and last one contain embedded video, audio and documents)

High Standard Virtual Tours to display locations like Expositions Stands, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops or Production Plants with embedded content driving the visitor to discover informations about the business with Videos, Audio and Images. The layout of the menus and the hotspots is designed to match the main website of the company or the “editorial cut” of the project.
The Best way to reproduce a temporary shop, stands or installation or creat real immersive experience with the help of (360° and planar) videos and mesmerizing images. Quality from Google’s 32 MPixels to Industry Standard 1000 MPixels.
Can be shot and published in few hours (Kohler’s Virtual Tour was shot early in the morning and published before lunch)

Immersive Virtual Experiences

360 °Videos or Immersive Experiences through wide spaces guided by a narrator and a comprehensive set of contents

Virtual Tour Elba: The Napoleon Experience Esperienza Virtuale - Video 360° - Comparativa Motociclismo per Dainese - TRAILER Esperienza Virtuale - Video 360° - Valentino Rossi 360° Experience per Dainese - TRAILER

Advanced Virtual Tours

Catalogo 360 Corradi con Live Pano (Area Video in Panoramica Foto) Virtual Tour Kohler @ EIMAVirtual Tour Avanzato - Iosaghini @ Triennale di MilanoVirtual Tour Street View | Trusted per Motoplex PiaggioVirtual Tour Gedy @ CERSAIE