Whales’ Island Video Shooting

Whales' Island - Video IntroIn the middle of the winter, while Bologna is facing one of the most aboundant snow falls of the past 100 years, “Whales’ Island“, Sicily’s pride, met in the city to shoot the video of their “Opening Words” from new EP “Chronicles of Pretenders”; Stanga, enrolled as director, entrusted me the role of Director of Photography.

We planned two days of shooting and laid out an aproximate script: close references to the lyrics’ meaning, dolly movements, contrasted illumination and hard backlights… but the weather changed and when the snow started to fall everything turned to “improvisation”… No Problem: working with the band was very easy as they’re all good people, flexible, patient (tolerant) and creative.

We spent the first day shooting outdoors, in Bologna downtown, under heavy snow. Some of the members were asked to stand still under the snow without coat, in sweater at minus 10° C, other had to walk back and forth of slippy streets while one of them had to play his guitar (whitout coat) on a narrow, slippy, snowy slope street.

Day two, in spite of forecasts, was sunny and warm (minus 2° C) and gave us the chance to shoot some of the planned scenes in even more interesting location. One of these was a suburbs’ train station were one of the members had to wait 15 minutes still in 15 cm of snow for a train to leave the station to shout his part. We then spent the rest of the day in a reharsals room to shoot some live scenes.

Directing the photography is taking care of framing, camera movements,subject movements related to framing and camera position, lighting and deciding the mood of the scenes… Lot of nice duties that left me the time to shoot the making of. And here are some of the pictures (more available here). I know it’s not a trailer, but I hope it will whet your appetite while the editing is done. Stay tuned for updates

The EP is Co-Produced by Indelirium Records and No Reason Records, and is available in the labels’ respective e-shops.