Release Video Altre di B

Altre di B video Shooting

Here we are. We can introduce thi spring with a video release. And there’s no better context for a music video than a gig with two promising Indie bands? Well, the venue will be the  Covo Club and  Altre di B e What, Really? will be the main actors.

What, Really
? is a trio with a sound that brings you back to the good indie of the 2k, with brave guitars and Vox-like overdrive. They’re getting known very fast with their debut selftitled EP sporting 4 songs (playable and buyable on their Bandcamp) that is collecting great reviews from all over the world and that I had the opportunity to ear in advance in january. Must do!

Altre di B, well known across the whole Italian boot for their unique sound and their continuous touring, are the band who’s going to introduce their newvideo:  “Sherpa”, a work by Claudio “Stanga” Stanghellini that once again hired me for the duty of the cinematographer.

I have to stop writing here… Soon on line the trailer and more pictures