Two days with Far From Finished

Steve Neary from Far From FinishedMy band, Linterno, had a 2 day with the American Punk Rock Band Far From Finished playing in Bologna and in Brescia. We already played with them in 2008 along with Millencolin in their tour date here in Bologna and got in good relationship with them and their European tour manager Jens. In those days they invited us to attend their following tour date in Florence, while today (well, actually yesterday) they hosted our bass player Stanga and me on their tour bus on their way to our next Venue: The Magazzino 47 in Brescia. Useless to say, those guys are great the way you could figure out listening to their records.

Erik Perkins playing with Far From FinishedThis year’s impersonation of the band showed some changes in the lineup giving up the opportunity to meet another old acquaintance: Erik Perkins, No Trigger’s former drummer, whom we played with back in 2007.

Here are two pics from the night at Magazzino 47 in Brescia. On the right Steve Neary an on the left Erik Perkins