Tuning cars Around

Atlas Tuning Club prizesThis assignment was a funny one. A lot of people/cars to shoot, everyone very committed into tuning and cars, 2 beautiful girls and the hottest sun a photographer with sun lotions and strobes could dare to desire. I had a good time because of most of these factors: they are not shy people (they hunt for photographers, indeed), the two models were very prepared (and everybody was happy to host them in their cars) and easy to direct. On the other side, the sun burnt me to the bones despite the sun lotion with top grade protection.

However, the strobes won the fight, the customer(s) is happy, I’m recovering fast and here are two shots of the day. The first one is about prizes and the importance to partecipate while the second one portrays the two models and a car of its own: the weirdest thing is not the center opening hood, but the playstation 2 that stands in place of the radiator… Look closer!