Promo Royal Enfield Royal McQueen Bologna

Royal Enfield Promo

Being a Google Trusted Photographer leads me to meet a lot of enterprenours in the Bologna area (and sometimes all over the region). Most of them are just interested in having a great Virtual Tour on their Google+ Pages and some good pictures to update their website and social media pages. But there’s a few of them who understands the importance of improving their online persona and the idea customers have about them.

As we have seen in the past year there’s been an increase in quality and quantity of the professional portraits that CEOs all over the world started publishing on their profile on the most important Social Networks (think about Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer).

In my case it’s Andrea, the owner of Royal McQueen, the first Royal Enfield single brand motorbike dealership who asked me to take some pictures of him with one of his bikes to promote his knowledge and reliability in the bikers world. No sooner said than done we decided to start with something near and covered, as the rain wouldn’t stop pouring on our city. I set the location under a bridge I already used for a previous shooting, set up some lights and placed the model and his bike in the middle of the underpass to keep them protected and dry. Different fate for me as I was forced to shoot some of the pictures from outside the underpass to keep a good separation between my subjects and the background. Here’s what came out.