Prosite is dead, long live Adobe Portfolio

Those who are subscribers of an Adobe Creative Cloud will definitely know Behance (here my profile) and have surely played around, or actually created their website on their Prosite platform(click here to see my former website). Although it had several limitations, its ability to sync Projects (and the “Work in Progress” that most Creatives love) straight from your Behance profile, allowed it to attract a lot of photographers, designers and videomakers whose set it as their simple and yet visually compelling web showcase. Recently, a lot of the hype left the platfrom due to its lack of of responsiveness and its inability to be correctly displayed on mobile devices; a not so small problem, as most of today’s visitors use tablet or smartphones to surf the web.

Il vecchio Prosite di Behance
Il vecchio Prosite di Behance

So, after months of complaining on the support ForumAdobe (who is known to be care about its user base) has finally announced (on that very same thread) their new Adobe Portfolio.

The new platform is currently in Private Beta but promises an interesting set of feature, keeping its historical synchronization with Behance (and maybe, someday with… Lightroom?).

It will allow creatives to design their portfolio from any device, mobile or desktop, without touching a single line of code; pictures will be displayed through lightbox and we will be able to create and upload projects in Portfolio and then sync back to Behance (to keep our social portfolio updated).


To request early bird access you need an Adobe Account and click to enter the waiting list.
As per Prosite, Portfolio will be free for Adobe CC Customers (starting at 9,90 €/month), but no standalone option is available.

If you already had access to private beta, tell us your opinion (and a link to your portfolio) in the comments below.