Photographic recipe for 12 confectionery preparations in a rainy november day

Take some Choux Pastry, icing sugar, Liqueurs – Di Saronno or Vecchia Romagna if possible, some ready-to-be-smashed chocolate bars, pistacchios, a vanilla bean and dome almonds. Take care that no one in the studio is allargic to any of those ingredients and, while studying the brief with the client, keep everyone away from liqueurs and strobes. Let the ideas and shooting drafts to soak together and patiently wait for a pastry chef from the Accademia Maestri Pasticceri Italiani (Italian Academy for Patry Chefs).

As he arrives, make some room in the fridge for the 12 preparations that he created for the shooting day and start setting up the first set, putting in place backgrounds and lights avoiding the liqueur filled-chocolate covered cherries to roll everywhere. In the meanwhile the rest of the team will set the next subject, selecting the most photogenic. Repeat to taste following and messing up the drafts previously set keeping in mind that icing sugar can turn the studio sticky even if you can’t see  it fly around and close the job with five macaron cookies on your favourite glossy-black background.

Now set apart all the unused pastries, say thank you to the pastry chef and his assistant, clean up the backgrounds, close the still life tables, brush the softboxes, wave off the client who’s wisely bringin home part of the pastries, sweep and mop the studio and go home satisfied for the job and for your brand new pistacchio cake.IceTeam-Food


Date: 25 Novembre 2014
Client: IceTeam 1927
Pastry: Francesco ElmiRegina di Quadri (BO)
Location: PxL-Studio
Ph: Lorenzo Piano Photographer

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