New Video for Altre di B: Ravensburger aka 1998

Three days to go for the release party of “Sport”, the brand new record from italian Indie band “Altre di B” and Rumore Magazine awakes  this nappy sunny afternoon with their brand new video, the second single extracted from this awesome work (exactly one year after their previous “Sherpa): 1998 (aka Ravensburger).

It’s about a guy who falls off a skyscraper… Well, not really. It’s about a guy, for sure. A guy, his bandmates and a crew of two in a 3 days video shooting assignment.
It’s about a lover who misses his lover and about the rain who keeps falling on our equipment on at least one of the shooting day… as usual.
It’s about how many of you got the quote from the first line and how many of you will enjoy this video that we enjoied shooting and are so proud of.

Once again directing lights, lenses and musicians along with my friend Claudio Stanga Stanghellini.


And here are some pics from the BTS

… and for your reference, the rest of the quote.

“On his way down past each floor, he keeps telling himself: ‘So far so good…So far so good….So far so good.’ But it’s not how you fall that matters. It’s how you land.” La Haine