Shooting Primaverile Royal Enfield

Spring and the need for speed

Here comes Springtime and along with it, the need to take the bike out of the box.


For those willing to change their old compaign or willing to do the big step, I have a simple advice: Do that in style. And I’m not saying this just because I’ve done a shooting involving these beautiful Motorcycles, but simply because they are unique, classical examples of a style that hasn’t faded and has shown strength against time.


I’m talking about Royal Enfield, the classical motorcycles made in India with that unique old style that for several year shown reversed gears and brakes. Royal McQueen, the only bike dealerschip in Emilia Romagna hired me for the Google Business Photos program and I’ve spent some time at their place to create the Virtual Tour Street View and take some pictures of their bikes and the showroom.

Here’s the VT:

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

Getting lost among those couples of wheels is a snap and you can’t help imagine yourself riding one across the hills toward the lake with your beautiful passenger behind. So, need for speed??

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