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Bologna (Italy) Based Indipendent Photographer, available across Europe

Lorenzo Piano is a Professional Photographer based in Bologna and Working Worldwide.

He covers Commercial Photography spanning from Advertising to Interior Photography, through FoodPortraitReportage360° Immersive Experiences (both in Photos and Videos).

Hitherto he’s been hired to cover assignments in Europe and USA to produce imagery for Valentino, Dainese, COIN, Pagani Automobili, Trenitalia, Established & Sons, Booking, EurOvo, ConApi, Google UK, IceTeam 1927, Carpigiani, Iosa Ghini Associati, Corradi, Penske Automotive, Lombardini / Kohler, he Directed Photography in Music Videos for Bands like Darko, Gazebo Penguins, Altre di B, Lo Stato Sociale, Tim Vantol, Marsh Mallows, From Plan to Progress e Linterno and in Commercials for NatFood, Kohler, Ti Ascolto, Attibassi etc…

His work has been published on Dove Magazine, Vogue Italia, Traveller, Lebensmittel Zeitung, MTV (Italia e Germania), CondeNast Live, Vroom Magazine, Motociclismo, Progetti, NeWestern, NRHA Reiner Magazine, PunkRockWorld, Ondalternativa.

In 2012 he was the first photographer to be selected as Google Trusted Photographer (formerly Google Buisness Photos and Google Maps|Business View) in his Region (Emilia Romagna), becoming the 5th photographer in Italy to get the Certification.


Adcom, Attibassi, BestIt / iTek, Birra Hops, Benedict Enterprise, Booking, Carpigiani, Ceccato Spinnerets, Chicco, CIICAI, CityDeisgn / AWG Lighting, Co.Ind, COIN / OVS, ConApi, Contacta, COOP, Coop Il Pellicano, Corradi, Dainese / AGV, Deutsche Bank, Established and Sons, EurOvo, Federal Mogul / Ferodo, Gaetano Pollice, Gazzotti, Gedy,Google UK, Gruppo Stefauto, Hotel dei Cavalieri, Hotel i Portici, Hotel Metropolitan, Huawei Italia, Hotel Touring, IceTeam 1927 / Cattabriga / Coldelite, Impero Pasticceria, International Paper, IoCouture, Iosa Ghini Associati, IPERCERAMICA, Karen Derek, La Lupa, Le Due Torri, Lolita-Lorenzo, Lombardini/Kohler Engines, Mare Termale Bolognese, Maserati, Mole Moreschi, Nat-Food, Nestlé, New Deal / Guya, New Holland Agricolture, Penske Automotive, Philip Morris, PopStore, Ristorante il Pappagallo, Samsung Italia, Segafredo, SPM, Tata-loloo, TechnoGym, Trenitalia, UISP, Unicredit, Valentino, Vecchia Scuola Bolognese, Vegan.io, Vita Electric Foods, Working (etc…)

Adv Agencies and Event Agencies:

BiPiùCi, Clan Group, Compass, Eu-Promotions, Immaginazione, Injenia, G-Com, Lab-05, Mediacontents, Mother Tongue, MP-Group, Musa Creativa, Pomodoro, Raufeld Medien, Tee-Hee, Wilson Communication.


IoCouture – 2013 and 2014 Catalogue
SlideTracs for 2011 and 2012 Edition of the CS Classic
Corinna Schumacher’s CS Classic 2010, 2011, 2012 Promo Book (CoMunYKa)
VIRTUS x ANT – Calendar 2010 and 2011 (Associated)
Karen Derek‘s – 2010 and 2012 Catalogue and Website (Associated)
FEI 2008 World Reining Championship – Reportage Book (Studio Bonaga & Co)
Cavalli in Salute (Studio Bonaga & Co.)

Bands’ Releases:
Altre Di B “Sport” — (IT) (Cover photo, Band’s Photo, Layout)
X-State Ride “The Longest Ride” Fast Circle Rec. (JP) (Band’s photo)
The Why Not “Lifetime Calendar” Lockjaw Rec. (UK) (Band’s photos)
Linterno “Take the train of your soul” Chorus of One Rec. (IT) (Cover photo)
Linterno “Lay Down For Comfort” Chorus of One Rec. (IT) (Cover photo, Band’s photo)
Linterno “S/T” No Reason Records (IT) (Cover Photos and Layout, Band’s photo)

Bands’ Promo:

Altre di B, Linterno, From Plan to Progress (UK), Question Marks, X-State Ride, The Why Not, Sunset Blvd, Who’s Paul

VIDEO Direction of Photography / Direction:

(C=Cinematography, D=Direction, S=ScreenWriting, E=Editing)
Music Videos

The Fool’s Stone – “Futura” 2018 (C)
Darko – “Just a Short Line” 2017 (C+D+S)
Gazebo Penguins – “Soffrire Non è Utile” 2017 (C+D)
Altre di B – “Pungi” 2017 (C+D)

The Floating Ensemble – “Never Felt Before” 2017 (C+D)
Sunday Morning – “Should I” 2017 (C+D)
Il Caffè dei Treni Persi – “Mani in Pasta” 2016 (C+D)
Linterno – “Knock on Wood” 2015 (C+D)

Altre di B VS Lo Stato Sociale – “Campetto” 2015 (C+D)
The Ties and the Lies – “Home is where the heart is” 2015 (C+D)
Linterno – “Outatime” 2015 (C+D+S)

Altre di B – Sherpa and 1998 from “Sport” 2014 (C+D)
Marsh Mallows – “Ciò che non mi va” 2014 (C+D)
Sons of Lake Park – “Sunshine generation” 2014 (C)
Nobody will care – “Pretenders” 2014 (C+D)
Tim Vantol – “Bitter Morning Taste” from “If we go down, we will go together” 2013 (C+D)
Whale’s Island – “Opening Words” from “Chronicles of Pretenders”. 2012 (C)
Linterno – “Failing Time” from “Lay Down For Comfort”. 2012 (C+D)
From Plan to Progress – “Ink Stains and Incidents” from S/T. 2011 (C+D)

Commercial (C+D)

A casa di Zoe B&B – Promo, Attibassi – White Label, BestIt/iTek – Commercial, CAMST + Conserve Italia + Co.Ind + Cupiello + NatFood – Promo, Chicco – Internal, Dainese – Valentino 360 Experience Trailer, Elba the Napoleon Experience – Trailer (+E), Gruppo Ti Ascolto – TV Commercial, Hotel Touring, IceTeam 1927 – Promos, Lombardini / Kohler Engines – Promo, Linterno – Lintour wrap up video (+E), Motociclismo – 360 Experience Trailer, NatFood – Promos and Recipes, SPM – Commercial.

360 Commercial (C+D+E)

Dainese – Valentino Rossi Experience (first ever 360° video on a Moto GP Bike)
Motociclismo – 360 Experience (Ride the Motorland Track on 7 different Bikes switching in real time in 360°)


Vogue (IT), Traveller (IT), Lebensmittel Zeitung (DE), VOGUE Accessory (IT), Dove Magazine (IT), Progetti (IT), NRHA Reiner Magazine (USA), NeWestern Magazine (FR), VROOM Magazine (Intl), Cowboys Magazine (IT), I Nostri Amici Cavalli (IT), Reiner Magazine (IT), Corriere di Romagna (IT)

CondeNast Live, Slide Tracs, www.PunkRockWorld.it,www.Vroom.it, www.ReiningOnLine.com, www.OndAlternativa.it

From the Pit (Shows that I shot):

Enter Shikari, Editors, A Wilhelm Scream, Limp Bizkit, M16, Faith No More, NoFX, The Milk Shaker Corp., The Flatliners, Millencolin, Lagwagon, Set your Goals, No Use for a Name, Anchor, Startoday, The Why Not?, Polar Bear Club, Man Overboard, Adolescents, Bouncing Souls, Far From Finished, Atlas losing Grip, From Plan to Progress, Get up Kids, Idols are Dead, La Crisi, Joey Cape, Tony Sly, ToKill, Comeback Kid, Propagandhi, Ruiner, 9/11, No Trigger, Rise Against, Satanic Surfers, Settlefish, This is a Standoff, Frank Turner, The Gaslight Anthem, Death by Stereo, 400 Colpi, Sick of it all, Flogging Molly, X-State Ride, Locust, Funeral for a Friend, Strength Aproach, Spill Canvas, Your Demise, Dirty Tactics, Horse the Band, Me for Rent, Cancer Bats, Turbonegro, Decaying Blossom, Persiana Jones, Emmure, Retarded, The March of Season, The Bronx, Derozer, Jona’s first Date, Vanilla Sky, Your Hero, Chuck Ragan, All that Remains, Gallows, From Autumn to Ashes, The Chuck Norris’ Experiment, Bring me the Horizon, Time Again, Le Braghe Corte, Bleeding Through, With Honor, God is an Astronaut, Skindread, Action Men, Street Dogs, Omini Verdi, Bridge to Solace, Venerea, Linterno, Misfits, Parkway Drive, Lacuna Coil, Ignite…